Meet our Team

Kathy Taylor


Kathy has been making people look and feel better about themselves all over the country for over 20 years. As a former salon owner in Indiana and Kentucky, with more training in Alabama and Texas, she now brings her expertise and talent in hair and facial waxing to the St. Louis scene at Kathy Taylor Salon. Kathy is a Color Specialist (foiling, balayage, and all over color, Haircut Specialist (wet or dry cuts, men or women), also perms, styling, facial waxing, Keratin smoothing treatments and Brazilian Blowout Certified, and more. She works diligently matching a classy or trendy look to the personality and wishes of the client. Kathy has said "I believe that everyone is beautiful. My goal is to enhance that beauty so that the client leaves with the confidence of owning that part of themselves and the knowledge to continue that at home."
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Hours vary.

Amanda Kamp


Amanda has over 20 years experience and has been with the salon since it opened. She goes to classes and watches videos to keep up on the newest trends. Among her many talents Amanda specializes in haircutting, styling, perms, colors, foiling, balayage, smoothing treatments, and is Brazilian Blowout certifed. She is also known for her great updos and special occasion styles.

Hours Vary

Maggie Hoffmann


Maggie has 20 years experience and has been with the salon since it opened. She likes to attend classes to keep up with the latest trends and products. Maggie is always ready to step up and help when needed. Although she has a large clientele of men, Maggie's talents also include specializing in color, foiling, balayage, and haircuts for women. Maggie has said "I pay great attention to detail in everything I do." That is why her clients always leave happy.

Wed.- Thurs.
Hours Vary

Rachel Chew


Rachel has been with us since we opened with almost 20 years experience. She is known for catering to her clients and treating each one as though they are family. She specializes in color, highlights, haircuts, keratins, manicures, pedicures and more. Her goal is to keep up with all the latest trends and listen to her clients wants and needs, no one can resist the attention Rachel gives as you're in her chair.

Hours Vary

Ricky Goodman


Ricky has been with us about a year. Although he has been a stylist in St. Louis for many years. Everyone loves to see his happy face, especially his clients that he takes such great care of. He thrives on learning more and keeping up to date by taking classes and watching others. He specializes in color, foiling, haircuts, and is also Brazilian Blowout certified. Even though he is an Independent Contractor, he is part of our team. For an appointment with Ricky you can call his cell phone.


Hours Vary

Viki Taylor


Stacey Reynolds

African American Stylist

Stacey has been with us since we opened. Although many years of being an awesome stylist. You will always know her when you walk in, she greets everyone with a smile. She is loved by all, especially her clients that always leave looking amazing. She loves to learn new techniques, and specializes in haircuts, color, highlights and lots more. Yes, she is an Independent Contractor, but definitely part of the team. Call Stacey for an appointment on her cell phone.

(314) 448-9207

Hours Vary

Jackie Rooney